I am obsessed with Karly. She is not from this world. She is like a kind of feline with golden eyes and magical powers. Completely made of love molecules and strong as gold and beautiful as a goddess!! 

Agustina Picasso Groenig

You. Are. Amazing. This method is so so incredible. You’re saving my life (my core, my pelvic floor, my entire body actually). Thank you thank you thank you.

Jennifer Krasner / mom of 3

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy my workouts with Karly! Her positive energy is contagious and she’s an inspiration to me and so many others who work with her. She is absolutely one of the best fitness instructors in LA, pays attention to the details and gives 100% to her clients. I am a huge fan of hers and one of her regular groupies

Melissa Meyers / The Glow Girl

Karly has an incredible talent to energize a community of people through her immense knowledge about the physical body. She possesses the power to internally motivate a person through empowering words that always feel authentic. She demonstrates all of her combined talents through the commitment and respect her community has for her as they follow wherever she takes them physically and spiritually. 

Amber Valetta

We are moving 9/4 and I am hopeful that once we have a bigger space I’ll be able to do ALL of your program! I made it through the first two videos but things have been so full I barely have time for myself. I’ve sent so many mamas to your website and they’ve expressed so much gratitude. It’s a big resource that was sorely missing!!!

Lauren Eckstrom / new mama, yoga teacher

Today I did the playback from Sunday’s class. What an incredible class!!!! Probably one of my favorites ever!!! I cannot tell you how much this class lifted me up and made me feel so blessed and grateful. I just told my therapist that The KT Method is saving me right now with the stressors in my life. I thank God I found you Karly Treacy.

Maureen Levas