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If you are experiencing ANY of these, this program is for YOU!

  • Incontinence – Leaking Urine or Stool when you jump, run, laugh, sneeze
  • POP – Pelvic Organ Prolapse Bulging into or out of the Vagina
  • Pain – low back or hip
  • Belly Bulge – no matter how many crunches you do
  • Flat Bum – regardless of how many squats and lunge you do 
  • Hormonal Changes – pregnancy (doesn’t have to be recent) or                   menopause


Why I Created This Program for Me and Need to Share with YOU!!

This program is a result of years of continued studies to heal myself! I have 100% relieved my pelvic floor organ prolapse, symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction (everything listed above) and incontinence! I hadn’t realized that all of my years of suffering from low back and hip pain were a result of my never training the pelvic floor muscles and all of the muscles that support the structure of the pelvis.  

In my 40’s I have finally taken charge of my body and I can now run and jump and play with my kids in any manner I like with no leaks or pain!! 

I started about a decade ago leading workshops all over the world teaching women what I had learned so that they too could heal themselves. We don’t have to live in pain or wear pee pads to soak up our urine. We don’t have to look pregnant forever or have that cranky low back thing. You can take charge of your body NOW and heal in JUST 8 WEEKS!! 

The Very Personal Story

An athlete my entire life, I felt strong and fit for my pregnancies. Sure I leaked a little when I’d run or jump on a trampoline or sneeze or laugh too hard, but I didn’t think much of it. Most of my friends experienced the same thing. Normal right?

I had earned a B.S. in Human Development and thousands of hours of certifications in Pilates, Barre, Personal Training, Yoga, the list goes on.. But I had to question everything I had learned when after the birth of my 3rd baby I visited my Dr.  I had noticed I had some skin hanging out of my vagina and I wanted my Dr. to remove it… I was informed that that was in fact my bladder bulging out of my vagina (Bladder Prolapse) on top of that my bowel had prolapsed as well. I was told I required major surgery where mesh (potentially cancer causing) was required to hold my organs up where they belonged.  I asked what was the worst that could happen if I took some time to study to figure out what had happened in my body that lead to this dysfunction.  This program is the result of those years of studies. Of personally taking two steps forward and one step back in my own healing.  This program is years of finding EXACTLY what work to heal our pelvic floor issues. Most cases of pelvic floor dysfunction don’t require surgery. You just need the right work. I say work because it is WORK! But you can heal yourself. Countless women have realize symptoms reducing or relived in just 3 weeks. Continue with the whole 8 weeks so you can solidify all of the reprogramming and realize your best looking, best functioning body ever!