Clean Fuel Program

The idea is to use this plan as a reset each week that you feel like you need it, or to use it EVERY WEEK for optimum results! You’ll kick off your Monday morning getting on track and then you’ll allow dinner Friday night to be whatever you choose! Maximizing your energy, health and wellness has never been so easy!

The beauty of this collaboration is that if you decide to participate weekly, every week you will have many different meals provided for you AND if you want to do the cleanse and don’t want to have to prepare a whole meal for the rest of your family, just head over to the Weekly Menu page and order up all the goods for your family from there!

Each week’s cleanse comes with an easy to follow meal plan, all beautifully pre-portioned in glass mason jars or eco friendly paper products. Each week’s menu follows the same basic outline, but each week is guaranteed to offer a variety of exciting options. You will be well fed and never bored!

How it Works

You’ll have Apple Cider Vinegar and Fresh Lemon on hand, plus MCT Oil and Collagen Protein if you choose to add those to your coffee or tea (highly recommended).

You’ll prep your own morning lemon water and morning coffee or tea, then jump into our meals that have you covered for the rest of your day!!!

You’ll unpack your snacks, lunch and dinner and have it ready for each meal.

Each week you will be provided with the Cleanse Menu so you know what to eat when! We know you will FEEL so great and even shed a few pounds in just one week of the KT Method Cleanse!

Sample Weekly Plan

  • Water with Lemon & Apple Cider Vinegar*
  • Coffee or Tea with 20g Collagen Protein & 1 tsp MCT oil*
  • Super Seed Bar or Smoothie or Grain Free Granola
  • Lunch: Soup or Salad
  • Mineral Broth
  • Chocolate Drink
  • Dinner: Protein (tofu or tempeh or fresh fish), Non-Starch Vegetables, Gluten Free Grain
  • Golden Milk
  • Herbal Tea*
Order The Cleanse

What about Delivery?


Deliveries occur Sunday evenings for Monday and Tuesday meals & Tuesday evenings for Wednesday through Friday meals. If you choose to place an additional order from the Main Menu page, those items will also be delivered on Tuesday.

Please leave your bag and mason jars out before each delivery to ensure prompt delivery of your next order.


A Note from Karly…

We have a finite amount of energy any given day… the foods and beverages we consume and the digestion of these foods can take up a lot of that energy.

I LOVE food! I am not of the mindset that anyone should follow any specific meal plan. I think we all have to listen to our own bodies and make intuitive choices. That said, what I have realized over these past years is that when I keep my week clean, I am energized all week long and then feel free to enjoy whatever I desire, within reason, on the weekend!

I have found that starting my day with alkalinizing lemon and ACV sets my digestive system up for a much more efficient, energy filled day. I have also learned that a whole food, mostly vegan M-F serves my aging joints, skin and hair VERY well!

As endless studies have shown, there are a few foods that do create inflammation in EVERY body. To what extent is dependent on the individual, but I have found that avoiding Gluten, Dairy and Sugar during the cleanse time is essential for maximizing digestion and resetting the system