Training Class

An all levels, 70 minute pelvic floor focused total body transformation experience! Karly will guide you through a full body wakening warm up and then you will dive in to the real work. You will strengthen glutes, legs, abs and arms, get your heart and blood pumping and detoxifying the body with cardio sequences. To finish, you’ll bring it back in with a  yogic cool down and a pelvis aligning back dance!


A 60 minute mobilizing, restorative flow. Karly takes you through yoga postures, breathing exercises and therapeutic functional movements to bring the body back into balance from all of the other activities we participate in every day.

She will start you off with some light stretching and breathing to get you into your body. When the nervous system has begun to disarm, this is when you can increase flexibility and mobility. She will then take you through a body opening, relieving, strengthening flow and you will finish with some yin postures and a final savasana.

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