About Karly-  

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I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember. In the Midwest, I grew up playing baseball, basketball, ice hockey and ran races with the kids in my neighborhood. I continued to play sports running track and cross country through high-school. In college I fell in love with the “fitness classes” at the Arizona State University Rec Center. There was my introduction to yoga, Pilates, Lotte Berk workouts, Nia, spin, kickboxing and more!  I would go lift weights and then finish my gym time with a beloved fitness class!

I graduated ASU with a B.S in Human Development (the physical and psychological development of humans). Out of college, I had a job in Medical Device sales that paid my bills but on the weekends I fulfilled my passion to empower people through fitness and I taught spin classes. I also decided I wanted to challenge myself and ran my first marathon. After a few years in Arizona selling devices and teaching spin classes, I was offered a relocation to Boston to sell in the Harvard hospitals. In Boston, I found my husband, an Englishman who was leaving the company I was working for (hence the job opening) and starting his own business. After a few years, we married and had our first child. She was born 2 months early and daycare was not an option for her underdeveloped lungs. It was also tricky to have a nanny come to the house and put her at risk for infection. Serendipitously, at this same time, the company I was working for was undergoing a reorganization, my boss knew my situation at home and offered me the option to be laid off with a severance.

I took the severance and spent the next year attending a Power Pilates certification program and a nutrition program. I was then able to go back to work fulfilling my passion to help strengthen and empower people through fitness. The Pilates certification course was intense. Full of anatomy and muscular function classes. This started a fire in me and I was hungry for more knowledge and information about how to balance and strengthen the body. I did a barre training next and taught at Pure Barre, had another baby and then I created an alignment based barre class for the Sports Club LA  (now Equinox) in Boston. I did a yoga training, taught yoga at SCLA Boston and then moved across the country to Los Angeles pregnant with my 3rd child. Ultimately, I decided to do another yoga certification with Annie Carpenter and then taught yoga at Yoga Works and other studios here in LA.

I will never forget the fateful day I went to the Dr. and asked if they could just “snip that bit of extra skin hanging out of my vagina”? This was when I was informed that that “skin” was actually my prolapsed bladder, bowel and urethra that were hanging into my vagina and bulging out. I was told that I needed a surgery where they would put mesh into my body to hold my organs in place.  After getting over the shock of what I had just been told (no one talks about this), I asked what was the worst that could happen if I went back to the drawing board and studied the body again to try to figure out what went awry in mine that would have allowed this to happen. The Dr. was quite pessimistic saying I was “too far gone for physical therapy to help but that I could try it if I wanted to” and that “it wouldn’t get any worse than it already is”. So I did exactly that. I started online anatomy courses and worked with some of the best PT’s and Pelvic Floor practitioners in the country. I took everything I had learned from them and my studies and I created a protocol to try to heal myself.  It was VERY successful. I did have a little surgery with a wonderful surgeon in LA to fix the prolapse of my urethra. Once the urethra prolapses there is nothing you can do to put the “U” back in it. You need a little sling to do that.

In my self-study and studies, I learned that a “kegel” is not just “stopping the flow of urine” and that you have to take a systemic/holistic approach to healing pelvic floor dysfunction. Posture, muscular balance through activation of sleepy muscles and inhibition of over-zealous muscles and breathing well is essential. I began course work with Dynamic Neuro Stabilization, the Postural Restoration Institute, the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (because I think life experience and energetics plays a role) and I read the works of Polyvagal theory, Feldenkrais and continue to work regularly with an amazing coach, a Heller worker, a Craniosacral therapist and Acupuncturist.  From the lessons of my studies and my beloved teachers, all of the fitness modalities I have taught over the years and from everything I have done to heal myself, I created a program and first began to offer this information to women through workshops and Personal Training (another certification I got somewhere in there), so that they too could realize that they didn’t have to live with pelvic floor dysfunction (the peeing, pooping, low belly bulging, back pain) issues. After wild success with thousands of women, I created a Pelvic Floor Restoration streamable video program so women everywhere can heal themselves and greatly improve their quality of life!

I also really saw a need for a kickass fitness class that teaches you how to create balance in your body, move and breathe well. A practice that would help you develop an awareness of your own body’s movements, and learn how to reprogram any patterns that need changing for you to move and function optimally. A practice that would bring awareness to how thoughts and emotions effect how you carry yourself and where they create dis-ease in the physical. From this need, I created the “Training Class”. It encompasses all of my studies and practices and is an hour of sweaty, music based, body, mind and spirit aligning fun! In this class you’ll discover never before felt strength and balance in your physical body as well as in the energetic body and mind!